What Are the Different Types of X-Ray Machines?

Jan 9, 2023 12:14:00 AM / by Chad Hutchison

X-rays are a natural form of radiation used to capture an image of structures in the body. 

In the field of diagnostic radiology, various X-ray machines are available for purchase, all ranging in size, power, and manufacture. 

X-ray machines can be broken down into three main categories. Keep reading to learn more about each type. 

1. Fixed X-Ray Machines

Fixed X-ray machines require large transformers that need to be built into the walls and connected to high-output electrical supplies. The X-ray tube is large and has limited movement. Due to the construction and electrical needs, Fixed X-ray machines are more costly. 

Fixed X-ray machines provide many benefits. The more powerful transformer allows for cross-table studies and larger patients to be scanned while obtaining images of excellent quality. 

Also, the X-ray tube's rotational movement combined with the table's range of motion means you can perform a wider variety of procedures. Fixed X-ray machines are best suited for teaching and research institutions. 

2. Portable X-Ray Machines

Portable X-ray machines have many benefits. They have small and lightweight transformers, and they don’t require lead sheltering in the walls or to be connected to specific electrical outputs. This makes Portable X-ray machines relatively inexpensive

Since portable X-ray devices are so easy to move, they’re ideal for patient-to-patient transport. The effective design makes Portable X-ray machines highly compatible with other forms of technology. The high-quality images are instantly sent to a laptop, which can be easily transferred between facilities. The maximum output of a Portable X-ray Machine varies from 70-110 kV and 15-35 mA.

Portable X-ray machines do have some disadvantages. They’re limited in the studies they can perform. Also, the lower generator power means it may be more difficult to obtain clear cross-table views.

3. Mobile X-Ray Machines

Mobile X-ray equipment has larger transformers, which are typically mounted on wheels. These larger transformers can deliver higher output, ranging between 90-125kv and 40 to 300mA. This means the Mobile X-ray can take a broader range of images. 

As suggested by its name, the Mobile X-ray is also a moveable X-ray machine. Mobile X-ray equipment can easily move over flat surfaces and are best suited for bedside and emergency room use.

How To Select the Right X-Ray Machine

When looking for a new X-ray machine, the decision may seem overwhelming. There are many variables to weigh in the decision, such as the cost, financing options, the manufacturer, and if you’re selecting the right model for your needs. 

  1. 1. Consider your imaging and practice needs first. It’s important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What will my patient volume be like?
  • Will our X-ray procedures be basic?
  • Do I need to perform many different studies every day? 
  • Do I need to move my X-ray machine often?

2. Once you have considered the imaging and practice needs, you should consider the cost in your final decision. You may ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my budget?
  • What are my potential earnings from the addition of an X-ray machine?
  • Are my finances preventing me from selecting the most appropriate X-ray machine for my practice?
  • Am I open to financing options?

Buying a Portable X-Ray Machine

If your volume is lower and procedures are more basic, a Portable X-ray machine might be the right choice. Portable X-ray machines are best in light-duty settings such as physician offices, urgent care facilities, family practices, and chiropractic offices. They’re also quite cost-effective and will still earn additional revenue.

It’s important to note that every state has different local and state-level regulations for where and how portable X-ray machines can be used. If you buy a portable device, know your state’s laws to stay compliant. 

Buying a Mobile X-Ray Machine

If you have low to medium volume and more advanced procedures, a Mobile X-ray machine might be the right choice for you. Mobile X-ray machines can perform almost all types of radiographic examinations. The cost of a Mobile X-ray is also relatively reasonable and will bring in additional value and revenue with the ability to perform more advanced studies. 

Again, be certain to triple-check your state’s regulations about how and where mobile X-ray machines can be used to ensure compliance. 

Buying a Fixed X-Ray Machine

A Fixed X-ray machine might be the right option if you have high volumes and need to perform many different studies. Fixed X-ray machines are typically purchased for use in facilities with an established high volume. 

Although they’re more expensive, Fixed X-ray machines add the most value because of the broad range of studies that can be conducted and the ability to handle higher volumes. If the high cost is an obstacle, financing options are available to make purchasing this X-ray machine possible. 

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