Your Medical Imaging Experts

Work with our medical equipment specialists and financing experts to discover the best solutions at affordable prices – guaranteed!

Our Specialties

Chiropractic Digital X-Ray

Using digital X-ray equipment in a chiropractic office enhances the quality and efficiency of care. Work with us to ensure you get the best imaging supplies for your chiropractor's office. 

Urgent Care

Emergency care requires functional, dependable, quick X-ray systems that adapt to various care. Let us pair you with the perfect imaging solutions for your urgent care department. 

Mobile & Portable X-ray

Primary care practices see a wide range of cases requiring X-ray equipment. Our specialists will match your office’s unique needs to the right radiology requirements for your team. 


Not every medical imaging distributor is familiar with a veterinary office’s X-ray equipment needs — but we are. Team up with our specialists to select the perfect options for your office. 


Podiatry X-ray isn’t always as straightforward as anticipated. Luckily, our veteran team has the experience and resources in their toolkit to get you the exact imaging system your staff needs. 


  • How do I know what X-ray equipment is right for me?
    You know your needs better than anyone. Tell our specialists what your office has, what it needs, and budget, and they’ll provide reasonable options and answers to resolve your needs.
  • Can i change my plan later on?
    Yes! Over 80% of our customers make use of our finance options. With terms up to 84 months and $250k available, our team is qualified and renowned for helping all credit types, start-ups, and even non-MD-owned businesses throughout the USA achieve their medical imaging needs. Let us know if you need financing.
  • Should I buy new or used equipment?
    Buying new is always the better option. The cost of long-term ownership of a used product is the same as buying a new one since there are more maintenance costs with a pre-owned system. See this blog and this blog to learn more.
  • Do Maven Imaging’s products come with a warranty?
    Warranty and service depend on the product. Most products come with at least a year, and some come with up to a 5-year warranty. Nationwide service and support, along with 24/7 remote phone support, may also be offered. Ask our advisors about your specific product.