X-ray Lead Shielding & Physicist Report

We can help you to determine the exact lead needed for your new x-ray room.

X-ray Lead Shielding and Physicist Report

To create a safe working environment for patients, staff, and the general public, every x-ray room requires the installation of some amount of lead materials in the walls. In order to assess how much of that is needed, you must have the help of a professional.

What is a Lead Shielding Report?

A lead shielding report is written by a medical physicist. They can help save you time and
money, while ensuring your facility is operating in a safe manner. The radiation shield design
will specify the amount of lead shielding required to keep radiation exposures below regulatory

These reports are required by most states and accrediting agencies, like the Joint Commission,
the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC), and the American College of Radiology  (ACR).



Lead Shield Report

Estimate of Weekly Workload

In order to receive an accurate lead shielding report, the physicist will need an accurate

estimation of your weekly workload. This is typically determined by the average number of

patients in a week, including a breakdown of how many will be a full series vs a partial series of


X-ray Room Drawing

Equipment Measurements

The physicist's report will be based on measurements from the patient and x-ray equipment.

Thus, an equipment room drawing showing an accurate position of the tube, upright bucky, and

table (if applicable) is necessary.

Screen Shot 2022-12-28 at 3.16.35 PM

Floor to Ceiling

If there are areas that are occupied below or above the room, then precise floor-to-floor

distances are required. The composition of the floor and ceiling are also needed if they are

made of concrete.

The physicist will need to know the minimum thickness of the concrete. Additionally, concrete

floors are often installed over a corrugated deck.

Lead Shield


The final report will specify the shielding required for your x-ray room. It should include:

A written report

Floor plan with notes

Table showing calculated thickness of each shielding material

Once the report is received, it’s important to follow up with local, state, and federal regulations. Some may require the design be submitted for review and approval, prior to starting any  construction. It’s important to keep a copy of your lead shielding report on file at all times in the event it is needed for random inspections or future constructions.

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