Digital X-ray Preventative Maintenance Service

How Does the X-ray Preventative Maintenance Process Work?

Digital X-ray Preventative Maintenance

Maven Imaging provides preventative maintenance on all systems we sell, including:

  • X-ray equipment
  • DR systems
  • CR machines
  • PAC systems

We can service your system on-site or perform maintenance remotely, depending on the work needed. 

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How Does the X-ray Preventative Maintenance Process Work?

Step 1: Verify All Functions

The first step we take at Maven Imaging is to verify that every element of the equipment is working. We'll examine movement, x-ray production, and image acquisition. All of this is to get a baseline of your system's performance.

The technician will perform an image quality check with a phantom or known reference object. After moving through all the performance steps, the tech will perform a second quality check, to ensure the image is as good as/better than the first. 

Our professional expert will also test the tube and detector, which can be adjusted and optimized as needed.

Step 2: Cleaning the Interior

X-ray systems need regular cleaning to achieve optimal performance. The tech will clean the inside of your x-ray system, removing any dust and debris that will affect movement, interfere with cooling, and show up on patient images.

The technician will also wipe the x-ray tube and replace any o-rings if needed. High-voltage cables will be inspected, cleaned, and regreased. All dust and lint will be blown out of electrical components. All rails and gears that help to move the collimator, tube, and tabletop will also be cleaned and lubricated. 

Step 3: Testing Electrical and Mechanical

The next step in the x-ray preventative maintenance process is inspecting and testing all mechanical and electrical components. This includes:

  • Safety interlock
  • Warning lamp
  • Sensors
  • Secure mounting hardware

Wire terminations If the x-ray system has motion manipulation, the technician will verify the motion control operation. Each axis will be taken to the home position, and crash limits will be set accordingly. The expert will adjust motors, limit sensors, and encoders. The technician will also test workstation functions.

Step 4: Potential Failures

Look for potential issues. This includes deteriorating parts that could fail before the next scheduled maintenance visit. 

Our team members may suggest which parts to replace or that you keep certain parts on hand just in case.

Step 5: Calibrations

The Maven Imaging technician will review your entire x-ray system to confirm that everything is calibrated correctly. We provide calibration preventative maintenance on generators too. This is to ensure equipment falls within the right dosage guidelines, which guarantees the safety of your staff and patients.

Step 6: Software Updates

The Maven Imaging technician will also update your software, applications, and DR platforms where needed. Files can also be backed up and software patches created.


Preventative maintenance on your x-ray equipment will extend the life of your system, but that's not the only benefit. In some states, it will also mean the difference in whether you comply. 

That's because local laws may require a business to provide proof of continuous preventative maintenance, depending on where you live. In addition, it's built into the rules and regulations that companies must adequately maintain systems to stay compliant.

Talking to an Expert

Have questions on preventative maintenance for your x-ray system? For years, we've helped chiropractors, urgent cares, veterinary offices, dentists, orthopedics, and more, find the right x-ray equipment and keep it functionally operational with consistent preventative maintenance. 

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