6 Best Chiropractic X-Ray Systems & Panels in 2023 Reviewed

May 5, 2023 3:18:24 AM / by Chad Hutchison

As a chiropractor, you need top-notch X-ray systems and panels to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions accurately. Clear imaging can make your diagnoses more precise and help detect issues in the early stages to prevent costly treatments for your patients down the road.

At Maven Imaging, we understand the importance of reliable and accurate radiology equipment for medical professionals. That's why we've thoroughly researched and reviewed the six best chiropractic X-ray systems and panels available in 2023. In these reviews, you’ll find insights to help you choose the ideal X-ray system for your practice so that you can continue providing the highest level of care.

Our Top Picks For Chiropractors

  1. 1. Best Overall Complete System: Digital X-Ray System for Chiropractors—Flat Panel Cesium DR System 17 x 17 CSI Tethered
  2. 2. Best Tilted Wall Stand Complete System: Digital X-ray w/ Tilting Wall Stand for Chiropractors—Includes 32 kW High-Frequency Generator
  3. 3. Best Complete Straightarm System: CDR Flat Panel DR X-Ray System 17 x 17 Cesium CSI Tethered
  4. 4. Best 17x17 Chiropractic DR Panel: Patient Image - Flat Panel DR System CSI Tethered 17 X 17
  5. 5. Best 14x17 Chiropractic DR Panel: Patient Image - Wireless Flat Panel DR System 14x17
  6. 6. Best Hybrid Chiropractic DR Panel: 20/20 CFPH Hybrid Chiropractic Direct Digital Imaging System- 17x17 DR Panel

Best Complete Chiropractic X-Ray Systems

Complete chiropractic X-ray systems are ideal for new practices and offices undergoing a major renovation. They provide the entire setup needed to offer high-end imaging for chiropractic care. Explore these top-rated options to find the right fit for your chiropractic practice's needs.

1. Best Overall Complete System: Digital X-Ray System for Chiropractors - Flat Panel DR 17x17 Cesium System CSI Tethered


This state-of-the-art digital X-ray system offers advanced imaging software. The DR Flat Panel Detector, advanced acquisition PatientImage chiropractic software, and PACS enable seamless workflow integration. Experience exceptional image quality and user-friendly touch GUI with exam-specific algorithms image processing.


  • Superior image quality
  • A fast, efficient workflow with digital X-rays
  • Complete system ideal for new practices


  • The system's tethered panel may be less convenient for some practices compared to wireless alternatives.

Who’s This For?

A digital X-ray system is ideal for chiropractic offices needing to outfit an entire room fully, whether for new offices or practices undergoing significant renovation. Digital technologies allow for more efficient data transfer and workflow, and this setup offers a user-friendly interface and powerful features. It’s an excellent choice for practices prioritizing quality and efficiency.

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2. Best Tilted Wall Stand Complete System: Digital X-ray w/ Tilting Wall Stand for Chiropractics—with 32 kW High-Frequency Generator


Another digital X-ray system, this one offers exceptional versatility with its tilting wall stand and a high-frequency generator. The electric vertical lock lets you fix it in place, while a mechanical tilt lock allows for versatile imaging and diagnostic capabilities.


  • The tilting system allows for easy positioning and accommodates various patients
  • Chiropractic toolsets ensure high-quality images and seamless workflow
  • Durable thanks to heavy-duty cassette tray


  • Digital systems may require additional staff training

Who’s This For?

This tilting system is perfect for chiropractic practices seeking a versatile and comprehensive digital X-ray system that maximizes space efficiency and accommodates diverse patient needs.

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3. Best Complete Straightarm System: CDR Flat Panel DR X-ray System 17 x 17 Cesium CSI Tethered


This straight-arm system is a reliable solution for busy chiropractic clinics. It boasts a high-frequency generator, a straight-arm design, and a 17x17-inch Cesium CSI Tethered panel, providing efficient and high-quality imaging.


  • The straight-arm design allows for easy installation in small spaces
  • Compatibility with standard 8' ceilings
  • Chiro software offers exceptional image quality


  • The fixed 40" SID vertical positioning may limit versatility for certain exams.

Who’s This For?

This straight-arm system is ideal for chiropractic practices looking for a complete and space-saving X-ray solution.

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Best Chiropractic DR Panels

Digital radiography (DR) has revolutionized radiography, helping to digitize the entire process from X-ray detection to patient data transfer. We've carefully researched and compared the top digital radiography (DR) panels to help you find the perfect fit for your practice. Upgrade your imaging capabilities and enhance your patient care with these cutting-edge solutions. 

1. Best 17x17 Chiropractic DR Panel: Patient Image - Flat Panel DR System 17 X 17 CSI Tethered


This advanced DR panel from Patient Image offers unparalleled image quality with a 17x17 inch Cesium Iodide (CsI) tethered detector. It provides detailed imaging for accurate diagnoses and enhanced patient care.


  • Superior image quality 
  • User-friendly touch interface
  • Comprehensive PatientImage PACS for streamlined archiving and management


  • This system might be more suitable for larger practices 
  • DR panels tend to have less flexibility for difficult views 

Who’s This For?

The Patient Image Flat Panel DR System is ideal for chiropractic practices seeking top-notch image quality and efficient patient study management.

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2. Best 14x17 Chiropractic DR Panel: Patient Image - 14x17 Wireless Flat Panel DR System


The Patient Image - 14x17 Wireless Flat Panel DR System offers exceptional image quality in a cassette-size form. Paired with the advanced PatientImage software and PACS, it delivers a powerful, flexible solution for your practice's imaging needs.


  • The wireless design enhances mobility and ease of use
  • User-friendly touch GUI provides a seamless experience


  • Higher-priced than 17x17 despite being smaller

Who’s This For?

The Patient Image 14x17 Wireless Flat Panel DR System is perfect for practices looking to invest in high-quality, portable imaging equipment.

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3. Best Hybrid Chiropractic DR Panel: 20/20 CFPH Hybrid DR 17X17 Chiropractic Direct Digital Imaging System


This versatile and powerful 17x17 inch hybrid DR panel offers unparalleled flexibility with three unique operating configurations, ensuring you're easily equipped to handle various imaging situations.


  • The hybrid system allows wireless, wired, or tethered operation; adaptable to your specific needs
  • 16-bit high-quality image transfer interface and advanced image processing deliver consistent, artifact-free images


  • While the hybrid nature of this DR panel provides flexibility, it may also introduce added complexity for users.

Who’s This For?

This hybrid system is perfect for chiropractors seeking a versatile and adaptable imaging solution. Its advanced features and ability to process over 100 images per hour make it an ideal choice for practices with diverse imaging needs and high patient volume.

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What To Look for When Buying an X-Ray System for Chiropractics

Complete Systems vs. Retrofitting

Consider whether you need a complete X-ray system or a retrofit solution for your existing setup. Complete systems provide an all-in-one package, making them suitable for new practices. However, upgrading from a CR to a DR system may make more sense if you're retrofitting it, and it will be more cost-effective.


Examine the functionality of the X-ray system, ensuring it meets your practice's needs. Look for advanced features such as automatic parameter selection, specific anatomical post-processing, digital imaging, and user-friendly interfaces.


Evaluate your practice's demand for X-ray imaging. Consider patient volume, the types of exams you conduct, and potential future expansions.


Select an X-ray system from a reputable manufacturer with a proven track record. Ensure they provide reliable customer support, comprehensive warranties, and ongoing software updates.


How Much Do DR Panels for Chiropractic Practices Cost?

DR panel costs for chiropractic practices vary depending on features and manufacturer. Prices generally range from $10,000 to $40,000.

How Can I Find Affordable DR Panels for My Chiropractic Office?

Research reputable manufacturers and compare features, warranties, and customer support to find affordable DR panels. Look for promotions or package deals, and consider retrofitting your existing system to save costs while upgrading to digital imaging.

How Can X-Ray Systems Help Chiropractors?

X-ray systems aid chiropractors in spinal therapy. These systems allow chiropractors to do everything from diagnosis to treating injuries and other conditions. High-quality images help identify issues, monitor treatment progress, and provide patients with a clear understanding of their health.

Why Do Some Chiropractors Use X-Ray But Some Don’t

Chiropractors' use of X-rays depends on their practice philosophy, diagnostic approach, and patient needs. Some prefer hands-on methods, while others find X-ray imaging essential for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. It can also depend on the type of injury and imaging, such as spinal X-rays.

Looking for the Best Digital X-Ray for Chiropractors? Contact Us for an Instant Quote!

Choosing the right digital X-ray system for your chiropractic practice can significantly impact patient care and overall efficiency. At Maven Imaging, we understand the importance of having a reliable, high-quality system tailored to your needs. Contact us today for an instant quote, and let our team of experts help you find the perfect X-ray solution for your chiropractic office.

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