Five Things to Look for When Buying a Vet X-Ray Machine

May 21, 2021 3:11:19 AM / by Jennifer Hutchison

Purchasing a new vet x-ray machine is a big decision for any veterinary clinic. The investment can be large, and it needs to last for a long time. Each clinic has its own x-ray needs. It is possible that you need to consider portability, size, technical requirements, and cost.

Consider these 5 things to look for when buying a vet xray machine, and then consult with a knowledgeable vendor.

1)  Portability Needs

If you need a vet x-ray machine that is portable, there are a few things to consider. For vets traveling out to the field and/or farm, it is important that a portable vet x-ray machine is sturdy, water resistant, and not too heavy. Depending on your clinic setup, you may want to look for one that is compatible with both film and digital imaging.

2)  In-Clinic Needs

For in-clinic use, there are many choices for vet x-ray machines. Handheld, dental, and indoor portable units may work well for your particular clinic. Make sure to consider all current and future needs as your practice grows.

If you need a vet x-ray machine that has a table, there are many to choose from. You may require an elevating package, a compact table, or a float table. Looking closely at the specs of each potential table will help you to make the right decision.

3) Technical Requirements

Some digital vet x-ray machine packages include the computer that is required to view the images. If it does not, make sure the x-ray machine you choose is compatible with your current in-clinic computer systems.

4)  Cost/Financing

As much as we all want to get the top-of-the-line vet x-ray machine, sometimes cost does become a factor. While the total cost of a new x-ray machine can be quite high, many reputable distributors offer easy financing options. You may be able to finance the best possible vet x-ray machine for your clinic at a relatively low monthly cost.

5)  Manufacturer support

It is also useful to look into the manufacturer’s tech support before you choose the perfect vet x-ray machine for your clinic. You may occasionally require some troubleshooting advice and an easily accessible tech department can drastically reduce the downtime of your x-ray machine.

Consult with a Knowledgeable Vendor

Before purchasing a vet x-ray machine for your clinic, you should take all of the above considerations and speak with a knowledgeable vendor. They have intimate knowledge of each brand and product line. An experienced vet x-ray machine vendor will be able to consider all of your current needs and future growth plans and suggest the best possible machine for your particular circumstances.

Work with the Best

The team at Maven Imaging is highly knowledgeable and experienced. They can find the best possible vet x-ray machine for your clinic at the best possible price. Maven Imaging offers easy financing options that make filling your x-ray needs much more affordable. With their nationwide, 24/7, US-based support line, you will be able to serve your patients without x-ray downtime.

Jennifer Hutchison

Written by Jennifer Hutchison

My goal is to provide my customers with the best equipment possible, at the best price possible, in order to see their business grow and thrive. I currently work hand in hand with doctors of Chiropractic all over the nation to put together custom equipment packages that meet their special needs. Each doctor has their own speciality technique, and by working directly with many of the groups such as NUCCA, Gonstead, CBP, Everest, Blair, KCUCS, and many other groups, I have built the knowledge and expertise to create custom x-ray equipment packages for their specific needs. Seeing my customers using the equipment I sold them in order to heal and help people all over the nation is the true happiness I get from my career. - 9 Years experience in medical device and equipment sales -12 Years experience in Medical Imaging Field - Sales expert for x-ray and digital x-ray equipment nationwide - Work with over 25 different manufacturers and vendors - Strong accounting, finance, and account management background - Upper Cervical X-Ray Sales Specialist