Can I Buy My Own X-Ray Machine? What You Need To Know

Apr 29, 2023 1:26:00 AM / by Chad Hutchison

Those looking for a new business venture may want to purchase an X-ray machine for diagnostic imaging. Likewise, X-ray enthusiasts may wish to buy an X-ray system to operate independently to diagnose medical conditions.

Although this might sound like an easy way to begin a new business venture or an exciting new hobby, a lot goes into owning and operating X-ray machines. Even more goes into interpreting these diagnostic images, which is why radiologists spend roughly nine years of medical training to interpret radiological images accurately. 

While X-Ray enthusiasts may desire a new hobby, for the above reasons, this fascinating venture is best left to the experts to own, operate, and interpret X-rays. 

Under the Electronic Product Radiation Control (EPRC) program, the FDA regulates electronic products that emit radiation. This regulation includes medical devices such as X-ray machines, as the EPRC and FDA protect the public from hazardous and unnecessary exposure to radiation. X-ray machines are considered Class II devices, which means manufacturers must comply with special and general controls set forth by the government.

The FDA also regulates manufacturers of X-ray imaging devices through the EPRC and the medical device provisions of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic (FD&C) Act. The FDA has mandatory rules and regulations regarding owning and operating X-ray machines.

Can You Buy Your Own X-Ray Machine?

According to the FDA, you must have a license to operate an X-ray machine and register the X-ray machine with the state. X-ray machines should be purchased and operated under the supervision of licensed practitioners. Licensed practitioners include X-ray technicians, podiatrists, chiropractors, physicians, and other health care providers. Additionally, personnel using the equipment must do so competently and safely. Unless you are properly licensed, it is not recommended to purchase your own X-ray machine.

Can You Have Your X-Ray Machine at Home?

Most X-ray machines are large, cumbersome devices requiring specific electrical needs and radiation shielding to operate correctly. Due to these reasons, having an X-ray machine in your home is not safe or recommended. 

Additionally, under the EPRC requirements of the FDA, all X-ray imaging systems must comply with radiation safety performance standards in Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations. X-ray manufacturers are required to follow this standard, and the operation of an X-ray machine in your home will not meet the necessary guidelines outlined by the FDA.

Can You Operate It On Your Own?

Operating an X-ray machine takes a great deal of skill and knowledge and must be performed by a trained X-ray technician. X-ray machines emit radiation, which can endanger a person's health and safety if not operated properly. Additionally, the FDA has rules and regulations for medical facilities and diagnostic imaging centers to follow regarding safe amounts of radiation exposure. It is essential for them to follow these recommendations to limit exposure to harmful radiation. The FDA has set out specific standards for maintaining X-ray machines. Maintaining an X-ray machine to these standards requires proper training and education. 

Looking to Buy X-Ray Equipment? We Can Help!

If you are a trained medical professional, hospital system, or diagnostic imaging center, Maven Imaging would happily assist you in purchasing X-ray equipment.

Contact our team of knowledgeable professionals who can guide you through buying an X-ray machine for your medical facility. We have new and used X-ray machines and financing options to assist in a smooth transition into your desired X-ray machine.

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Written by Chad Hutchison

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