What are the table options for digital x-ray systems?

Aug 11, 2021 11:07:29 AM / by Jennifer Hutchison

The decision of which style of x-ray table to purchase is integral to setting up or upgrading your x-ray business. This decision should be based on factors beyond just price. Choosing an x-ray table to suit your needs is important as it contributes to your day to day workflow as well as ensuring the equipment is safe for you and your patients. We'll explore four different types of tables that you should know about before making your decision: mobile x-ray table, stationary table, four-way float top table, four-way float top elevating table.

1. Mobile x-ray table

Mobile x-ray tables come with wheels which allow for easier maneuverability in your x-ray room or the facility. These tables are generally more compact and portable than other styles, which allow for easy storage, particularly in multipurpose rooms. The wheels also make transport much easier between room locations. They are often used with straight-arm x-ray systems to move in and out while the straight-arm moves in different directions. There are several different shapes and sizes of mobile x-ray tables available to suit your needs.

2. Stationary x-ray table

The stationary x-ray table is fixed and more affordable than other types of tables. The table is affixed to the floor and cannot be moved around the facility. This table can handle a much larger patient with its fixed nature and higher weight rating, and can accommodate procedures that take longer than usual.

These x-ray devices are used in urgent care centers, hospitals, imaging centers, orthopedics and other high-traffic facilities. Stationary x-ray tables do not come equipped with wheels because they will often remain in one room for most or all of their lifespan.

3. Four-way float top table

Four-way float top tables can move left to right and forward and back. When a patient is sitting on the table they don’t have to move around, the table can move instead to align with the x-ray tube. This table is a really flexible option that can be used in many different types of facilities. This type of table is a more common option in urgent care, imaging centers or general practice.

4. Four-way float top elevating table

These tables are much like the four-way float top tables, with the addition of being movable vertically as well. This feature allows you to pull the patient up and down on the platform so they don’t need to move around during their procedure. It also makes it easy for someone that has limited mobility or geriatric patients to get on to the table. A four-way float top elevating table is popular in orthopedics, hospitals and urgent care with a lot of volume.


Tables rated for different weights

While it may seem obvious, it’s important that the x-ray table that you choose is rated for the amount of weight it will be required to support. To estimate how much weight the table should be able to hold, consider the weights of your average population. In order to ensure the safety of your staff and patients it’s important to use an x-ray table that’s correctly rated for the weight it’s supporting.

The x-ray table is an integral part of your day to day workflow, as well as ensuring the safety of you and your patients. Before making a purchase, make sure that you take into consideration not only how it will affect your current facility but also what kind of mobility options or additional features are available for different types of facilities. Consider the weight range that each type supports in order to ensure they're safe and durable enough for their intended use.

If you have any questions about digital x-ray tables or need some help choosing between them, we are here to help. Contact us today!


Jennifer Hutchison

Written by Jennifer Hutchison

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