Texas Portable X-ray Regulations

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Texas Health and Human Services manage the registration and regulation of portable x-ray machines. The Texas Medical Board oversees all licensing of x-ray staff.

X-ray License in Texas

Application Process

During pre-licensure, documents are collected based on standard requirements and how the applicant has responded to questions. Please note, documents are not reviewed for content during the pre-licensure stage, and more information may be required once an application has been moved to licensure.

You must also successfully pass the Jurisprudence (JP) exam.

The JP exam is for applicants with active, pending applications to take online through their My TMB account. Visit the online JP Exam page for more information http://www.tmb.state.tx.us/page/licensing-jp-exam.

Registering an X-ray Device

The DSHS Radiation Control Program issues certificates of registration for businesses that utilize X-ray machines for medical and academic, dental, veterinary, and industrial uses and to X-ray service companies.

To minimize delays in processing applications, submit documents to xrayregistration@dshs.texas.gov.

Regulations for Portable X-ray Equipment

Title 25 - Health Services, Part 1 Department Of State Health Services, Chapter 289 - Radiation Control

  • Portable x-ray systems designed to be hand-held are exempt from the requirements of subsection (i)(11) of this section. The portable radiation machine shall be held by the tube housing support or handle.
  • Mobile service operation - The provision of x-ray systems and personnel at temporary sites for limited time periods. The x-ray systems may be fixed inside a motorized vehicle or may be a radiation machine that may be removed from the vehicle and taken into a facility for use.
  • Portable x-ray systems--X-ray systems that are mounted on a permanent base with wheels and/or casters for moving while completely assembled. Portable x-ray systems may also include x-ray systems designed to be hand-carried.
  • All portable x-ray systems shall be provided with means to limit the SSD to equal to or greater than 30 cm.

Disclaimer: The information in this document is solely for reference material. Regulations change often. To be sure of the most up-to-date laws, contact your local and state agencies.


Additional Resources

Texas Radiology License 

Bureau of Radiation Control

Texas Department of Health

1100 W. 49th St.

Austin, Texas 78756-3189

(512) 834-6688

All applications with fees are to be sent to this address:

Department of State Health Services 

Cash Receipts Branch – MC 2003

PO Box 149347

Austin, TX 78714-9347

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