Ohio Portable X-ray Regulations

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The Ohio Department of Health is in charge of all the regulations, registration, and licensing related to portable x-rays

X-ray License in Ohio

The Ohio Department of Health oversees x-ray tech accreditation. Any individual who performs radiologic procedures must hold a valid Ohio radiologic license, according to the Ohio Revised Code.

Radiologic licenses are issued for the following categories: Radiographer, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Radiation Therapist, and General X-ray Machine Operator (GXMO).

Registering an X-ray Device

At least 30 days prior to handling the equipment, you must apply for online registration and pay the $262.00 fee. 

Each separate address location with radiation-generating equipment (RGE) requires a separate registration and the $262.00 fee. They are not transferable. 

Regulations for Portable X-ray Equipment

Ohio Admin. Code 3701:1-66-05 - Medical general purpose radiographic equipment

  • The exposure control switch must be a "dead-man switch.
  • Used continuously for greater than one week in the same location, such as a room or suite, shall have the x-ray control permanently mounted in a protected area so that the operator is required to remain in that protected area during the entire exposure.
  • Used for less than one week at the same location shall be provided with either a protective barrier at least 6.5 feet high for operator protection during exposures, or means shall be provided to allow the operator to be at least six feet from the tube housing assembly during exposures and the operator shall wear a protective apron of not less than 0.25 millimeter lead equivalent when making exposures.
  • Mobile or portable veterinary radiographic radiation-generating equipment shall be provided with either a 6.5 foot high protective barrier for operator protection during exposures, or shall be provided with means to allow the operator to be at least six feet from the tube housing assembly during exposures.


Disclaimer: The information in this document is solely for reference material. Regulations change often. To be sure of the most up-to-date laws, contact your local and state agencies.


Additional Resources

Ohio Department of Health, Radiologic Technology 

Section 246 N. High St. 

PO Box 118

Columbus, OH 43266-0118

(614) 752-5378

Ohio Radiology License

Ohio Department of Health

Radiologic Licensure

246 N. High St.

P.O. Box 118

Columbus, Ohio 43216-0118

(614) 752-4319

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