Indiana Portable X-ray Regulations

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The Indiana Department of Health (IDOH) Division of Radiology and Weights & Measures oversees portable x-rays in the state of Indiana. 

The division provides guidance to Indiana citizens and healthcare providers regarding radiation safety and protection. They provide the following services:

  • Licensing of radiology professionals 
  • Radiation machine registration and compliance

X-ray License in Indiana

First-time applicants for Radiologic Technologist, Radiation Therapist, and Nuclear Medicine Technologist licenses can apply online by going to

Log in or create credentials using the “Register for an Access Indiana Account” option. Select “Radiology”, the license type, and the application.

You can also mail the completed Application for Radiology License and payment to the address on the form.

Registering an X-ray Device

Registering a device is part of the Radiation Control Act of Indiana (IC 10-19-11). Radiation Control (410 IAC 5).

The Radioactive Material Registration program is administered by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. The registration form and FAQs can be viewed on the Radioactive Materials Registration page.

Regulations for Portable X-ray Equipment

The Medical Radiology Services Program runs a Portable X-Ray Services Program known as PXR. A PXR supplier is considered a mobile unit that is not fixed to one location or permanently located at one address.

In Indiana, portable medical radiology professionals must be licensed, and medical radiation sources (facility/base office and radiation machines) must be registered by the Medical Radiology Services Program. All portable radiation machines used in Indiana must be inspected by an individual approved by the Medical Radiology Services Program before the equipment can be used on patients. 

Additionally, a PXR must meet the federal Conditions for Coverage found in 42 Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) Part 486, Subparts A-C. This includes:

  • A PXR must have a base office address.
  • The supplier, personnel, and equipment must be licensed or registered as appropriate by the Medical Radiology Services program. 
  • All portable equipment must meet applicable FDA standards and be registered by the Medical Radiology Services program. 
  • The performance of x-ray tests must be under the supervision of a physician. 
  • You must have an onsite survey by surveyors from the PXR Certification Program and found to be in compliance with federal/state regulations before being certified.

Disclaimer: The information in this document is solely for reference material. Regulations change often. To be sure of the most up-to-date laws, contact your local and state agencies.

Additional Resources

Radiologic Health

1330 W. Michigan St.

PO Box 1964

Indianapolis, IN 46206 

(317) 233-7565

Indiana State Department of Health

2 N. Meridian, 5th Floor

Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-3003

(317) 233-7147

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