Converting Your Analog X-Ray System to Digital with a DR Panel

Mar 24, 2022 11:00:46 AM / by Melissa Schwab

We often have customers who are interested in converting an existing analog x-ray system from film to digital. Digital offers many advantages to film, takes less space to store and process images, and is much quicker. If the existing x-ray system is in good condition and working properly, it makes sense to keep the x-ray machine and retrofit the system to digital by adding a DR panel package. 

Here are some things to consider when converting an analog system to digital. 

Is the existing system in good, working order?

  1. If the system and all of its components are working properly and in good condition, then there is no immediate need to change the x-ray machine out for a completely new system. It can save money to retrofit your system than to purchase a completely new x-ray system. However, if you are having issues with the system, you may be better off purchasing a new complete x-ray system.
  2. Do you need to move the DR panel around?

  3. Do you have a portable system or a system that is set up to take images using both a wall stand and table? With DR panels, there is the option to go with a tethered panel that is hardwired or there are wireless panels. Wireless allows for portability but requires charging and replacing batteries, while tethered allows for even faster image availability and no need to charge or replace batteries. There is also an increased risk of dropping and potentially breaking a DR panel if you are moving it. If you plan on going wireless and are going to move the panel you may want to consider a protective panel cover to help protect your panel in case of accidental drops.
  4. What size panel?

  5. Depending on your system and needs, there are a few different size DR panels available. We most commonly sell 14” x 17” wireless panels and 17” x 17” tethered panels, but other sizes are available. 
  6. What comes in a DR Panel System Package?

  7. When you retrofit your existing analog system and purchase a DR panel system, you should expect your DR panel system package to come with a DR panel, computer with monitor or laptop, PACS and image acquisition software. 

Other items to consider and take into account when comparing quotes and deciding on the purchase of your DR panel system are the warranty and support you will receive after the purchase. Some panels come with much better warranties and support than others. Also, some have fees and future costs associated with ongoing software support that may significantly impact the total cost of ownership for some panels. If these details are not provided with your quote, ask your sales representative for this information.  

If you have questions on retrofitting an existing system or would like a quote on a DR panel system, our team at Maven Imaging are happy to help with any questions. Please reach out at or call us at (800) 949-8015.

Melissa Schwab

Written by Melissa Schwab