Arkansas Portable X-ray Regulations

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The Arkansas Department of Health Radiation Control oversees all portable x-ray equipment in the state.

X-ray License in Arkansas

The Radiologic Technology Licensure Program is responsible for all portable x-ray licensing in Arkansas. The program requires the appropriate education of persons using radioactive materials or operating medical equipment that emits or detects ionizing radiation on human beings. 

Regulations for Portable X-ray Equipment

Standard Procedures

  • Safety procedures shall be provided to all operators of equipment - RH1602.a.4
  • Tube Rating Charts and Cooling Curves posted near x-ray unit (may be obtained from the manufacturer or installer) - RH1602.a.12.D
  • System requirements like deadman exposure switch, Multiple Tube Head Indicator, and warning label - RH1604.b.3.B.i.
  • Notice to employees and personnel monitoring - RH2802.c and RH1302.a.1
  • Patient and personnel shielding requirements - RH1602.a.6

It should be noted there are also specific laws for dental and veterinary practices in the rules and regulations. 

Portable Procedures

There are two main standards for portable x-ray machines in Arkansas:

  1. The operator shall stand behind a portable shield or at least 6 feet from the patient and well away from the useful beam. If a portable shield is not available, the operator should use a lead apron. 
  2. The useful beam cannot be directed toward other people present in the room. Whenever possible, no one should be located closer than 6 feet from the tube head.

Disclaimer: The information in this document is solely for reference material. Regulations change often. To be sure of the most up-to-date laws, contact your local and state agencies.

Additional Resources

Arkansas Radiology License

Radiologic Technology Licensure Program

4815 W. Markham St., Slot 29

Little Rock, Arkansas 72205-3867

(501) 661-2166

Arkansas Department of Health Radiation Control

4815 W. Markham, Slot 30

Little Rock, AR 72205

(501) 661-2301

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