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How Carbon Health Saved Six Figures by Partnering with Maven

Urgent Care Digital X-ray System - Nationwide

carbon-health-logoCarbonHealth_Reception_1Carbon Health combines smart technology with modern, welcoming clinics to deliver a unique and seamless patient experience. They aim to make the exceptional expected and strive to remove traditional boundaries in healthcare. Carbon Health is an urgent care and primary care medical company with locations across the country. 

We recently had the pleasure of speaking to Michelle Reyes, Construction Manager for a national portfolio of new clinics at Carbon Health. Discussed were early initiatives, challenges in the urgent care industry, solutions that have worked, and the overall successful results of partnering with the Maven Imaging team.

The Primary Initiatives

Switching Back to Stationary X-ray Units

When Michelle came on board, Carbon Health had been working with Maven Imaging to implement mobile X-ray systems throughout their urgent care facilities. However, they soon discovered many reasons why a portable approach was not logistically sound. As Michelle stated:


“We found out operationally that it really wasn't working for us to use mobile for multiple reasons. One, from a patient experience. Two, from a licensing experience. 


For example, in the state of Massachusetts, portable X-rays are not allowed. We had to use a stationary x-ray, so that's where the small wall mount unit came in handy, because it  was a late conversion.”

Finding the Right Power

Once Carbon Health decided to install stationary units, Michelle had to quickly revisit sites that didn’t have a dedicated X-ray. She was trying to convert the equipment as they were building. 


However, some locations didn’t include the 400 amps of power needed to run the stationary X-ray equipment. There needed to be a way to save money and accommodate the sudden shift in operations.


Michelle clarified, “A lot of my leases were written for 200 amps, and that’s because we weren't planning on putting in a dedicated x-ray.”

Effectively Managing Shared Data

Carbon Health uses a third-party project management company to oversee projects. Subsequently, there had been issues with data transparency, and not everyone had access to the information they needed. A solution was required to get teams on the same page.

Offloading Excess Inventory

Once Carbon Health decided to pivot from portable X-rays to stationary machines, they were stuck with excess inventory. Michelle found they had ordered a lot of machines for locations that they had to cancel. There were portable units in the warehouse that they could no longer use.



Creating Solutions Together

Establishing a Smaller Footprint

Once Carbon Health decided to shift back to stationary equipment, Maven Imaging helped them install units with a smaller footprint model than they had previously been using. This allowed them to save time, money, and space.


Michelle added, “They also helped us find a wall mount unit for a clinic that was extremely small, and we couldn't fit the other equipment in. And then they service all these units as well. That's cool.”

Solving Problems with Power

Once it was established that there were locations that didn’t have enough power for the X-ray installation, Maven Imaging was able to help problem-solve around every corner. 


As Michelle explained about solving power issues with Maven, “So when we went back, and it's like, oh, this one. The landlord has it, it just wasn't in the lease; or this one. There's an extra meter you can use. In one case, they found me a stored energy generator and a device that worked with our equipment, but also with other power loads.”

Developing Data Transparency

In order to develop more data transparency, Michelle created a shared report that the Maven team was able to access. This made it easier to track information like the date of construction, electrical details, final specs, etc. As Michelle stated:


“It really came down to making sure we had the right data for Maven. And then, what other teams needed for Maven was being published out as well.”

Working with a Dedicated Team

Michelle relayed how Maven Imaging helped her unload extra inventory (selling it to another client) so that they’re not carrying the full cost. Assisting with the resale was going above and beyond, she mused, and then said:


“The team, in general, I feel like they work really well together, and it shows. Typically they have one person that's playing point for certain things, and then if someone needs to step in, it's a smooth transition.”

Developing Efficient Results

Saving Money

Maven Imaging was able to help Carbon Health save on costs in a variety of ways, including the installation of more affordable, stationary units. When there was a location that lacked the power requirements for a dedicated X-ray, Maven was able to find a solution that was much easier and more cost-effective to implement.


Maven Imaging was also able to save Carbon Health six figures in a few cases, where a full electrical upgrade was recommended, but a more affordable option was found. As Michelle said:


“There were a couple of locations where it was like, ‘there's no power for you. And you get what you get,’ or you're gonna have to do a full upgrade with the utility company, which can cost like $30,000 to $80,000, or even more.”

Attentive Customer Service

Michelle couldn’t say enough about the quality of customer service she experienced through Maven Imaging. When she calls, she feels like there’s a whole team ready and able to answer her questions. Michelle works with a multitude of vendors throughout the day, and Maven sticks out in her mind as a brand that’s always there for her. As she proclaimed:


Maven’s customer service is some of the best I've experienced with any kind of vendor. I work with all different types of vendors in my role, and nobody is so on point. I feel like when I call, they answer the phone, and it's the whole team. 


Their turnaround time is super fast. They're very professional and very knowledgeable. They're able to translate the language about X-ray equipment, X-ray technology, X-ray everything to people like me who don't speak X-ray.”


Carbon Healthcare is working to remove traditional boundaries in healthcare and make high-quality, personal care accessible to anyone. Click here for more about Carbon Health and its mission.

Who is Maven Imaging?

A family-owned and operated business, they have years of experience in the X-ray equipment industry, serving all types of companies and communities throughout the United States. 


Maven offers 24/7, nationwide support and specializes in a variety of X-ray equipment types to fit any healthcare business need.


Michelle had this final thing to say about Maven Imaging:


“I feel like a valued customer…and I feel like I'm given priority. They're a partner, not just a vendor.”

The Maven Imaging team of medical equipment specialists strives to find you the best solutions at the lowest prices. Guaranteed! Are you in need of X-ray equipment? Reach out, and we can get you started today.